Receiving Social Security Can Be Taxing

Article Highlights: • Social Security Taxability • Taxability Thresholds • Working and Drawing Social Security • Pension Distributions and Social Security Taxability • Planning Pension Distributions Generally, your Social Security (SS) benefits are not taxable until your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is more than the base amount for your filing status. MAGI is your […]

Preventing Tax Problems When Employees Travel

Article Highlights: • Employer Deduction for Travel Expenses • How an Employee Treats Travel Expenses • Employer Accountable Plans • Lodging When Attending Local Employer Events • Tax Home • Temporary Work Location Sending employees on business trips is essential for countless companies and can result in tax headaches for both the employer and the […]

Planning Your RMD and IRA Distributions For 2015

Article Highlights: • Under Age 59.5 Penalty • Age 70.5 Mandatory Distribution Age • Impact on Social Security Income • Required Minimum Distributions • Under-Distribution Penalty • Penalty Waiver • Other Pension Plans We spend most of our lives saving for retirement by putting funds away in tax-advantaged ways. But many of us forget about […]